University of Oregon

Dustin Morrow

Visiting Faculty
Portland State University
School of Theatre & Film

Dustin Morrow is an award-winning filmmaker, author, programmer and educator. As a media artist, his works frequently explore issues of and relationships between landscape/space and personal, communal and cultural identities; the relationship between music and the moving image; intersections of traditional cinema and new media; the actor-director relationship; and genre filmmaking. He received his MFA in Cinema from the University of Iowa, and is currently an Assistant Professor of Film at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. He previously taught at Temple University, Monmouth College, and the University of Iowa. Professor Morrow’s films have won numerous awards and been shown in venues around the world. Before re-entering academia, Morrow was an editor and director of short-form projects and series television in Los Angeles, for such clients as MTV and the Discovery Channel, and such filmmakers as Spike Jonze and Steven Soderbergh.