University of Oregon

University of East Anglia Exchange

Program Overview

The UEA program provides the opportunity to enroll directly in courses taught at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England. The program is based on intensive self-motivated study in many fields of the humanities, natural, and social sciences. You may take courses in environmental sciences, film and television studies, art history, archaeology, and cultural resource management. The four-week summer option offers challenging introductory courses in journalism, theater, biology, medicine, creative writing, business, cinema, psychology, and digital arts. In the summer human resource management and theater programs, you will spend two weeks at the UEA study center in London.

Norwich is 30 miles from the Norfolk shoreline and less than three hours by train from London, giving it an ideal location in the heart of eastern England. The city and university complement each other, providing residents and visitors alike with award-winning twentieth century architecture and the rich history and cultural traditions of England.

Academic Details

The University of East Anglia (UEA) is divided into three Faculties (like UO colleges), each of which includes several Schools (like UO departments). You must take at least two thirds of your courses in the Faculty (college) into which you are admitted. If you are applying to a scholarship, you may choose from nearly any field of study, except for the following: Management, Law, and Development Studies. Also, you must seek prior approval (before applying) for scholarship openings in the School of Social Work and Psychosocial Studies. 
Management and Law programs accept only full-year students. Programs and courses offered through the Institute of Health or the School of Education and Lifelong Learning are not open to UO participants.

Summer Program
The four-week summer program offers challenging introductory courses in a variety of subjects. For eight credits, choose one of the following courses: Biology in the Modern World; British Film and Television; Contemporary British Theatre; Creative Writing: An Introduction; Digital Animation: Principles and Practice; Future Medicine; Global Media and Communications Law; Managing People; Plague and Disease in the Medieval City; Psychology in Action; Understanding Business; and Video Journalism: Theory and Practice. The complete list of courses and syllabi are available on the UEA summer website. Classes meet around 15 hours per week (7.5 hours per half week). Class sizes range from 12 to 24 students. Most courses include field trips to thematically-relevant sites.

For further information about course descriptions, please visit the University of East Anglia.

Housing Description

You are guaranteed housing in student resident halls on the main University campus or in central Norwich. Additional rooms are also available in the student village, at a walkable distance from campus. Arrangements are made by the University's Accommodation Office. The bathroom and kitchen facilities are shared. There is no meal plan; all residences are "self-catering" (housing without meals but access to a full kitchen). There are also restaurants and snack bars on campus. Housing fees are paid directly to UEA. The housing contract for the full year (39 weeks) includes vacation accommodation. If you are arranging your own housing, you are advised to arrive in Norwich early. Complete UEA accommodation information is available on-line at UEA Accommodations website.

Summer program: You are placed in campus housing in single rooms with private baths. Each room shares a flat with eight to 12 people, with common living and kitchen areas. The residences are fully-furnished and located on campus. For more information, visit

Application Process

Selection for the program is based on a review of your written application, transcripts, recommendations and completion of the interview process. After the initial application is complete, you will later fill out an application for the exchange university. 

Graduate Students:
In addition to the process described above and below, you must also complete the Graduate Enrollment in GEO-Sponsored Study Abroad Programs form. This form requires that you obtain pre-authorization for your program from your adviser, department head and the Graduate School.

Student Life

This is a student exchange program in which you will directly enroll in courses at one of the University of Oregon’s partner universities.  Exchange programs differ from other study abroad options and do not necessarily include significant on-site student support services, such as academic advising, health & counselling services, planned excursions or social events.  Students most comfortable and successful in exchange programs typically have high levels of self-reliance, resourcefulness, and willingness to adapt to unfamiliar teaching styles and living arrangements.

Additional Requirements

  • Complete WR 121 and 122 or 123 with grades B- or higher 
  • Math/Science students, you must complete your 200-level math/science sequences
  • You must be at least 18 years of age

Dates and Deadlines

TermYearDeadlineExtended DeadlineArrival DateDeparture Date
Academic Year2017-1802/01/2017N/A9/20/176/15/18
Fall Semester2017TBAN/ATBATBA
Spring Semester 2018TBAN/ATBATBA

Priority Discounts

If your program has a Priority Deadline, complete all pre-decision application materials by this date to receive a $100 credit toward your program fee. Please note, students participating in multiple summer programs are only eligible to receive the $100 credit once.

Note: this $100 discount does not apply to priority deadlines for SIT programs.

Course Equivalencies

Actual credit awarded is determined by the relevant department at your university in consultation with the study abroad office. Check with your study abroad advisor for more information.

UO students, please refer to the UO Course Equivalency Process and the UO Office of the Registrar Course Equivalency Database.