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GEO Policies


Cancellation policies vary by program and term, please refer to the Study Abroad Student Program Budget and Payment Schedule PDF found under program price in your program’s brochure page. If you have additional questions regarding cancellations and/or billing policies, please contact GEO’s accountant, Katy Farrald.


NOTE: The following policies apply to all courses taught by GEO instructors or visiting faculty. Where a student is enrolled in a course taught directly by a local university rather than by GEO instructors or visiting faculty, students will be subject to the policies and procedures of the host university.

Students may not arrive late to, or leave early from, the academic program without approval from the GEO site director; approval will be granted only in highly exceptional circumstances beyond the student’s control. While on site, students are expected to attend all classes and required academic activities, including required excursions and activities. Individual instructors may have specific attendance policies and sanctions for absence, as indicated on the syllabi. Students who must miss academic activities due to illness or injury must inform the site director. Continued absences in violation of the Agreement Regarding Student Behavior may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from the program.

GEO does not provide a pass/fail option. Final grades and credit are awarded by the student’s home institution; therefore, students who wish to receive a pass/fail option rather than a letter grade must follow their home institution procedures and deadlines for requesting this option. Students whose home institution requires them to register through the University of Oregon, and who will receive UO credit and grades which will be transferred to the home institution, must follow the UO procedures and deadlines for requesting pass/fail.

Auditing Courses
Students may request permission from the instructor to audit a course. Permission to audit is granted at the sole discretion of the instructor. If allowed, students auditing a course are expected to complete all academic work and attend all class meetings and activities. Auditing may not be used as a substitute for full enrollment requirements. Audits will not be listed on the GEO grade report.

Students will complete a preliminary enrollment form as part of their pre-departure process. Each GEO site has an add/drop period at the beginning of the term. After the end of the add/drop period, no changes are normally permitted.
Under exceptional circumstances, students may be granted permission to withdraw from a course after the end of the add/drop period. In such cases, a notation of “W” will be posted on the student’s GEO grade report. Requests for withdrawal must be made in writing to the GEO site director. Students who fail to secure written permission to withdraw from the site director and then fail to complete the requirements for the course will receive a final grade appropriate to the work completed or not completed for the course.

Under exceptional circumstances beyond the student’s control (severe illness, injury, family emergency, etc.), students may be granted permission to complete academic work after the GEO term ends.

Requests for incompletes must be made to the GEO site director; individual instructors and (where applicable) the host institution will be consulted before a final decision is made. If permission is granted, the site director will provide the student with a written confirmation of the work to be completed and deadlines for completion. If the student fails to make arrangements for incompletes with the site director, or fails to complete the work by the deadlines specified, the student will receive a final grade appropriate to the work completed or not completed for the course.



Getting credit on campus for the courses you take abroad is important, and you’ll want to plan ahead to ensure that your study abroad program is in line with your academic goals.

GEO does not grant credit. In most cases, your home campus will record your courses and grades on your transcript. If you do not attend one of our partner institutions, you may receive transcripts from the University of Oregon that you can apply as transfer credit to your home institution.

If your institution partners with GEO, many of the courses offered have already been pre-approved on your campus for home university credit. Check with your study abroad advior on campus for details. If courses have not yet been approved, your advisor will give you further instructions on how you will obtain approval for credit on GEO programs.

GEO lists courses on our website by suggested discipline. However, partner institutions may choose to grant credit under different disciplines. It is important to check with your study abroad advisor to determine the exact credit you will receive on campus.

Once you have applied for your program, you will have access to a course selection form to indicate the courses you wish to take on site. Students on GEO programs take a full load of courses. The typical course load per site is listed in the Academics section within each Program on our website.

Upon arrival, you will have the opportunity to make changes to your course registration, but you are responsible for notifying your home campus of any changes you make to your enrollment.

If you participate in a direct enrollment program, such as GEO programs in Berlin, you may need to keep all coursework completed abroad in order to determine course credit once you have returned from your program. Contact your campus for details if you will participate in a direct enrollment program.

After your program is over, staff abroad will distribute grade reports to GEO. These grade reports are then translated by your home campus registrar. This process varies by program and campus, but often takes a minimum of one month to be processed.



After the completion of your GEO program, an official GEO grade report will be sent to the student’s home institution. The grade report will list the student’s name, home institution, program and term, as well as the GEO course title, contact hours and grade received for each course.

Grade reports are typically sent to the home institution approximately 4 to 12 weeks after the program end date, depending on the program.

Students whose home institution grants credit directly based on the GEO grade report should contact the home institution study abroad office to determine how long it will take for credit and/or grades to appear on their transcript once the GEO grade report has been received.

Students whose home institution requires them to register through the University of Oregon, and who will receive UO credit and grades which will be transferred to the home institution should anticipate that it will take from one to three academic terms from the time the program ends for their University of Oregon transcript to be finalized.

Students who are unsure which of the above options applies to them should contact GEO or their home institution study abroad office.

Students who have an outstanding financial obligation to GEO, whether on site or in the U.S., will have a hold placed on their grade report. The grade report will not be released to the student’s home institution, the student or any other party until the financial obligation is cleared. All questions regarding grade report holds should be directed to GEO.

The home institution transcript is the official record of the credit and grades received for work completed on an GEO program. In the case of students whose home institutions require them to register through the University of Oregon and receive a UO transcript and grades, the UO transcript serves as the official record. The UO or home institution transcript is generally the document that students should provide when asked for an official transcript for purposes such as graduate or professional school application, employer requests for verification of academic work, etc.

Occasionally, students may find that a copy of the GEO grade report is also required by a graduate/professional school or employer. In such cases, participants may request a copy of the GEO grade report from GEO. The grade report copy will indicate that it is a copy. Students may request that copies be sent to themselves or directly to a prospective employer or institution.

Students wishing to request copies of the grade report must complete and submit the Grade Report Request Form to GEO; please email completed forms to