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TASSEP Exchange

As scientific research becomes ever more international and cooperative, it is important for science students to experience scientific teaching and research in international settings. If you are an undergraduate student majoring in Physics, Math, Chemistry, or Biochemistry, the TASSEP program is a great fit for you. This program will give you the opportunity to experience a year of studying and living abroad in Europe while continuing to earn credits toward your UO degree. The program encompasses 16 different European universities, each with unique academic offerings and research...

Marketing in Vienna

Learn about business and marketing practices in a culturally immersive environment and gain valuable skills in basic German. Expand your understanding of international marketing, completing key marketing courses while learning about the specific context of Vienna. This program is open to undergraduate students in all business majors and international studies majors with a professional concentration in international business. It includes advanced coursework in marketing and makes ample use of the Central European context for applied case studies.
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