Program Overview

The performing arts in most sub-Saharan Africa cultures are not merely forms of entertainment that exist in isolation from the societies that produces them; rather, they are interwoven into the historical, socio-economic, cultural, and the political lives of the people. This program offers students the opportunity to engage in a variety of musical expressions and traditions across several regions of Ghana. Centered on the concept of a total performance experience, the program utilizes dance, music,  singing and storytelling to educate students about diverse Ghanaian cultures. While music and dance performance are central to the program’s design, the program is open to  students with varied interest and backgrounds and no prior music or dance experience is required. 

Academic Details

On this 4-week program, students will travel to the Accra, Ashanti and Northern regions of Ghana to participate in music workshops and other experiential activities based on the performing arts-themes of Ghanaian cultures, society, hospitality, and one of the basic principles of African performance - community building. The program consists of two 5-credit courses: DAN 388: Dance Performance and Aesthetics in Ghanaian Cultures and MUS 388: Survey of Ghanaian Music and Cultures.

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Habib Iddrisu, Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology and Dance at the University of Oregon, is a traditionally trained dancer, musician, and historian from Northern Ghana. Born into the Bizing family of court historians and musicians of the Dagbamba people, Dr. Iddrisu has toured the world extensively with traditional singing and dance groups, and has diverse experience as a performer, teacher, choreographer, and scholar throughout the U.S. Dr. Iddrisu earned his PhD in Performance Studies from Northwestern University and his research interests include West African Music and Dance Practice and Performance, Cultural Studies, Post-Colonial Independence History, Political Economy, Oral History, African Diaspora Studies, and the New Internationalism.

Housing Description

Students will stay in specially arranged hostel accommodations located in the city centers of each region. The majority of meals will be provided.

Dates and Deadlines

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Priority Discounts

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Course Equivalencies

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