Courses and Credits

Enroll in three courses for approximately 10 quarter or 7 semester credits.


Cross-Cultural Communications/Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Siena Summer

Cross-Cultural Communications
Living in Siena offers you two important learning experiences. The first (more obvious) one concerns Italian life and culture, specifically as it is lived out around you in Siena day by day. What is important to people here? What patterns are woven into their lives? What about their history, their...Read more

Integrated Marketing Communications

Marketing, Advertising and PR
This course emphasizes the topic of marketing communications as it relates to overall marketing objectives and actions in an organization. The primary course objective is to give students the skills and knowledge needed to function in a marketing capacity, particularly with regards to marketing...Read more

Principles of Marketing

Marketing, Advertising and PR
This course provides a decision-oriented overview of marketing management in modern organizations. Each element will be studied as it pertains to the global wine industry and in particular, Italy. The objectives of the course are to provide students with a broad introduction to marketing concepts,...Read more