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Field-based Development and Research Work in Uganda

The "Field-Based Development and Research Work in Uganda" program allows UO economics students the chance to conduct field-based research in Uganda. The program involves preparation and training prior to departure and for a brief period on-site in Uganda, after which time the student will function as an independent field researcher, collaborating with one or more local agencies to collect data and keep the research project moving ahead. The program is an excellent opportunity for a graduate student or an advanced undergraduate student to get hands-on experience with field research. This...

SIT: Development Studies in Kampala

SIT semester programs include the following components: one-week orientation, intensive language study, homestay (in urban and rural areas), thematic seminar, field methods seminar, independent study project (last month of program), and program evaluation. In the Development Studies program you will work closely with faculty and students from Makerere University to study complex issues of social and economic development in Uganda, a once-turbulent nation with a fast-growing economy. A custom two-week module with a choice of focus on public health, grassroots development, or gender and...
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