Student Behavior Agreement

Students participating in programs through GEO are, at all times, expected to: exhibit sensitivity to the host culture; respect and observe local rules and laws; and conduct themselves in ways that demonstrate a high regard for the intellectual and cultural experience in which they are engaged. The Student Behavior Agreement includes policies based on such expectations and the assertion that students are both adults and guests abroad. As students and adults, GEO participants are expected to abide by this Agreement and are legally subject to the same laws and regulations that govern the host country's citizens and any other laws which are applicable to the student's immigration status in the host country.  

GEO participants must also abide by the policies and regulations of their enrolling and home institutions. University of Oregon students must follow the University of Oregon Student Conduct Code for the duration of a GEO administered or GEO sponsored program. In the event that the University of Oregon may decide to pursue disciplinary action against a UO student through University student conduct procedures, you waive any deadlines regarding the initiation of disciplinary procedures under the student conduct code so the University may choose to delay action until you return to the Eugene campus.

As an academic organization, the GEO community strives to maintain a positive and respectful environment for all members, advocating respect and consideration towards all students, staff, faculty, members of host institutions and citizens in general. You are privileged to be a guest in another country and responsible for maintaining a positive attitude and demonstrating respect towards both yourself and others. For the duration of your time in a GEO program, recognize that you reflect both GEO and your own country, and you are expected to be a positive advocate.

GEO students who are participating in a program involving a local university or organization are subject to the rules of conduct, academic procedures, academic honor codes and student disciplinary procedures of the respective university or organization as well as this Agreement.

GEO students who are participating in a program sponsored by GEO but administered by a program provider must also follow the policies and regulations set by the provider.

Student Responsibilities
Students are expected to follow GEO rules and regulations. Those who choose to engage in unacceptable conduct and violate this Agreement are subject to appropriate review and sanctions, up to and including removal from the program. Information regarding students who violate GEO policies may be provided to the students’ home schools. The home institution may elect to impose additional sanctions. In the event that students are found responsible for misconduct, and/or dismissed from the program, it will be at the student’s own personal expense, and the students will receive no refund of the program fee or any other associated costs. Students may not receive academic credits in this circumstance.

The full text of the Student Behavior Agreement is available in the GEO online application. Students will have access to the full text of the Student Behavior Agreement once they have been accepted into a program, and they will be required to sign the Agreement digitally in order to participate in a program through GEO.