The Aya Centre is a multi-purpose non-profit organization committed to development and intercultural awareness in Ghana. Towards this end, the Aya Centre provides groups with opportunities to engage in a variety of learning experiences during their stay in Ghana, including classroom instruction, site visits, field excursions, community service projects and service learning/internship placements. The Aya Centre has two classrooms, a small seminar room, a reading room and a computer room (with four computers with flat-screen monitors, all connected to the internet). Moreover, the entire center has wireless computer access. The Aya Centre is within walking distance from the University of Ghana, the premier university in Ghana. Students visit the campus often to attend conferences, use the library and interact with both Ghanaian and international students who are enrolled at the University of Ghana.

Interview with Michael Williams:
Accra, Ghana
Inside the City

Live and study in this bustling capital city stretched along the Atlantic coast of Ghana. Visit museums, nature reserves and national parks. Experience the welcoming hospitality of the Ghanaian people as you explore the Makola Market, ride a trotro through the city or watch artisans weave traditional cloth. Discover the wide variety of cultural events, festivals and performances this city of more than 4 million people has to offer. Visit the National Cultural Centre and experience traditional handicrafts, explore the final resting place of Ghana’s first President at the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and relax on the shores of La Pleasure Beach. Immerse your senses in your new Ghanaian home.

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