Inside the City 

Live and study in the heart of the Loire Valley in Angers. Visit shops and cafés along the many pedestrian streets in Centre Ville; bike or hike along the banks of the Maine river; and explore the Château d’Angers where the medieval Apocalypse Tapestry is displayed. Explore this university town that is home to more than 30,000 students. Discover the castles and cathedrals throughout the region. Try the regional chocolate (quernons d’ardoise) or liqueur (Cointreau). Shop at the weekly Saturday Market or travel to Paris in only 90 minutes by high-speed train. Immerse yourself in the medieval and the modern, and experience "la vie française" in this vibrant, active town. Study in Angers and get to know French culture in this bustling mid-sized university town of around 200,000 inhabitants.

Center Description 

Students will study intensive French at the international language institute (CIDEF) of the Université Catholique de l'Ouest located near the city center. CIDEF is recognized as a leader in language education for students of all levels. Students have access to a lounge area with wi-fi and a place to relax between classes. Angers is a bustling university city with over 30,000 students, home to both a castle and churches dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries. Experience the best of the medieval and the modern in this colorful city nestled in the beautiful Loire Valley. Stroll down cobblestone streets, explore beautiful gardens and visit museums. Take the high-speed train to Paris, just an hour and a half to the northeast.

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