Inside the city 

Live and study in one of the largest and most enduring medieval Islamic settlements, a city that created the world’s first university. Walk through the labyrinth of winding alleyways in the medina and discover madrasas, palaces and mosques dating from the 9th century. Explore the Ville Nouvelle and experience the French influenced shops, restaurants, avenues and architecture of contemporary Fes. Watch the artisans in the ceramic workshops and famous leather dye pits and tanneries. Plunge into the rich sensory experience the city offers and immerse yourself in Moroccan life. Fes blends the diverse landscape of the old city compared with the new development and French-created Ville Nouvelle. The streets, bazaars and mosques at the center of Morocco’s cultural heritage provide a fascinating backdrop in which to live.

Center Description 

The GEO program is housed at the Arabic Language Institute in Fes (ALIF), one of the preeminent institutions in the Maghreb for the teaching of Arabic as a foreign language. ALIF's location in a beautiful Moorish-style villa provides an ideal base from which to explore both the medieval alleyways of the medina and lively boulevards of the French-built Ville Nouvelle. The center is equipped with wi-fi, a computer lab and an extensive library of English- and Arabic-language texts and DVDs focusing on Arab, North African and Islamic studies. A small canteen in the leafy, shaded courtyard offers tea, snacks and lunch daily.

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