Stephen Duff

Course Description 

Three credits - Pass/No Pass only.

This course is designed to encourage the development of digital media techniques that directly support the architectural design process, and in particular, support design activities in the kinetic architecture design seminar.  The course will consist of two parts:

  • Introduction to Solidworks modeling and analysis for design development. Solidworks is a powerful 3D mechanical design automation software package with integrated 3D modeling and analysis capabilities. Solidworks is used extensively for product design and mechanical and other engineering applications, from aerospace and automotive design to the design of manufacturing machinery, tools and medical equipment. Helping you move from 2D planning to 3D design, this course will explore how to build parametric models of parts and assemblies, edit and analyze models, and generate detailed working drawings.
  • 3D organic modeling, rendering and animation for design using Autodesk Softimage.  You will learn how to model organic shapes and objects, and then render and animate photorealistic simulations for both design development and presentation purposes.  Softimgae is compatible with Solidworks, Rhino3D, AutoCAD, Maya, 3D Studio MAX, and others.