Stephen Wooten


Athens, Greece

Course Description 

“Food and Culture in Greece” is an active and intensive, three-week program that allows participants to develop an intimate, hands-on appreciation for the role of food in Greece’s rich and storied past and to see how it mediates social, political, environmental, cultural and economic processes in contemporary life as well.

Through structured engagements with influential texts in food studies and Greek food, culture and history and guided encounters in key food related locations (ancient and contemporary) across the country participants will gain important insights into Greek cuisine in the three different and complementary regional contexts. The program focuses on experiential learning in the historical rich and dynamically modern city of Athens and on the nearby Cycladic Island of Kea, the productive fields and vineyards of the charming Peloponnese region and in Crete, the sun-drenched the epicenter of the UNESCO World Heritage recognized Mediterranean diet. These areas of Greece are all famous for their strong food-based identities, their beautiful landscapes and the high quality of their foods and wines.