Christopher Chavez

Course Description 

Culture surrounds us. The movies we watch, the clothes we wear, the stories we tell, and the music we listen to all contribute to our individual and collective identities. For much of human history, culture has been shaped by our local environments, but today we live in a time in which commodities, bodies, and information flow easily across borders. These global processes are shaping how we create shared meaning and make sense of the world.  As a former empire, Spain has become an important site of cultural production in Europe and Latin America.  Furthermore, Spanish television, film, and advertising companies have become prolific exporters of content to the Spanish-speaking world. We examine current issues in global culture such as the homogenizing effects of globalization, the reassertion of local identities, and the development of hybrid identities.

Learning objectives:
To understand key themes and issues surrounding global culture
To develop a critical understanding of global cultural artifacts, identities and institutions
To conduct research on the production and consumption of global media