Barbara Mossberg

London, UK
Course Description 

Four quarter credits.
Readers of Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities experience characters going to and fro, from London to Paris. You will do the same as you examine two cultures, with distinct languages, histories (sometimes as enemies), architecture, and cultural ethos. Walking the footsteps of those who did “study abroad” in London and Paris, you see the two cities as incubators of genius—and Oxford as a meeting place of genius loci in new literature, science, and arts. Through the practice of international education, in self-styled study abroad, artists, scientists, scholars, and activists were drawn to, and inspired and influenced by the interdisciplinary community that London and Paris represented. You will “study abroad” to investigate through recreating the experience how a vibrant interdisciplinary and cross-cultural learning community impacts creativity, as the human imagination develops new ways of conscience and consciousness, in thinking, seeing, and representing our world. (For UO Clark Honors College students, this course meets an International Cultures Colloquium requirement.)

Note: the syllabus includes the content for the Travel as Transformational Learning: Theory (4 credits) and Travel as Transformational Learning: Practice (4 credits) courses.