Barbara Mossberg

Course Description 

Four quarter credits.

Challenged in a different environment where one does not know it all, one can become new and different to oneself; such change leads to new thoughts and possibilities for what can be created and known. In this course, taught both online and on-site, we learn from models across disciplines how study abroad can be the agency of transformational learning. Examples of creative genius in science, architecture, literature, philosophy, and arts that transformed how we see our world, think about it, express it, and live in it, reveal the learning that occurs from culture shock, placing oneself in a foreign culture not only to experience others as “foreign” but to be experienced as foreign oneself—as people perceiving strangeness, inside and out through the study abroad experience, self-knowledge and worldliness become inextricable. (For University of Oregon Clark Honors College students, this course meets an Arts and Letters colloquium requirement.)

Note: the syllabus includes the content for the Travel as Transformational Learning: Theory (4 credits) and Travel as Transformational Learning: Practice (4 credits) courses.