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British Politics

The United Kingdom is in the throes of the greatest political turbulence for many decades. Discuss topics including Brexit, COVID-19, right-wing populism, new twists on the fake news debate, and mainstream media coverage of Black Lives Matter.

Length: 60-75 minutes

Monetary Economics

A comparison of the responses of the world’s leading economies to the global pandemic.


Guest Lectures

Add the voice of research and industry experts from the UK to your global classroom.

From Factories to Front Rooms: The Evolution of the Workplace

Investigate the move to home working prompted by the global pandemic and the impact on organizational behavior. This session will consider implications for leaders and how they communicate along with the pros and cons of the new normal.

Length: 60-75 minutes

The Neuroscience of Working from Home: A Safer Space?

How does the psychological impact of what is happening in the world affect employee behavior, and how can leaders adjust to this?

Length: 60-75 minutes


Sport and COVID-19

Explore the long term impact of the global pandemic on the sports industry, from training to finances, reporting to sponsorship.

Length: 60-75 minutes

Leadership and Communication

This session discusses leadership in economics and environmental issues, including consideration of online work and communication.

Length: 60-75 minutes

Financial Management and COVID-19

This session includes a comparison of the impact of the global pandemic on small versus large companies.

Length: 60-75 minutes

National identities in the U.K.

“Shwmae!” This session gives an introduction to Welsh language and culture - from King Arthur and Dragons to the Welsh knot and political devolution.

Length: 60-75 minutes

COVID-19 and the British BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) community

BAME communities are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19, experience more severe symptoms, and have higher death rates. We these disparities and the reasons, including social determinants of health, occupational distribution, and racism in the UK.

Length: 60-75 minutes

Literature and National Identity

Discuss new definitions of national identity in the post-Imperial period and London as a global city in literature. Past lecturers have included Hanif Kureshi, author of The Buddha of Suburbia, and Burt Caesar, advisor to the Museum of London’s Sugar and Slavery permanent exhibit.

Length: 60-75 minutes

History of Feminism in the U.K.

Examine the achievements of the feminist movement and the women involved, starting with Mary Wollstonecraft’s proto-feminism and finishing with a consideration of intersectional feminism and the Gender Recognition Act.

Length: 60-75 minutes


Shakespeare the Dramatist

Shakespeare is too often taught in the classroom as difficult and rather obscure sacred texts. This discussion will remind students that Shakespeare was not only a great poet but also a great dramatist and that his plays are still as exciting and dynamic today as when they were written.

Length: 60-75 minutes

Around the World for a Shilling: Virtual Travel in the Victorian Age

In this age of restricted travel, lockdowns, and individual isolation, we find ourselves yet again encountering the World vicariously. As armchair travelers, we can learn much about the generations who ‘toured the globe’ through imaginative spaces such as Worlds Fairs, dioramas, pageants and books and, perhaps even more importantly, re-examine our own individual and collective attitudes to international travel and globalization.

Length: 60-75 minutes

Plays and Plagues: Shakespeare's Sonnets

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Much Ado About Nothing In 21st Century Context

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The Royal National Theatre: Founding and Facilities

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Comedy & Tragedy: How Plays about Social Issues Developed from 19th-20th Century Tragedy

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19th Century England (Focus: Military or Social History)

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Virtual Tours and Talks

Add a supplementary activity to your course or classroom with a personalized guided tour and talk by one of our experts.



British Sports Venues

Join James Pearce, British Sports Journalist and BBC Olympic corespondent in 2012, for a virtual tour of some iconic British sports venues.

Length: 60-75 minutes




Join London faculty for a virtual tour around London’s political hub.

Length: 90-120 minutes



Bloomsbury District: "Living in Squares and Loving in Triangles"

Trace the footsteps of Mrs. Dalloway and learn about the Bloomsbury group and their contributions to British culture

Length: 90-120 minutes


Thames River Walk Trace


Follow in Shakespeare’s footsteps along the River Thames and learn about his life and times. You'll visit the reproduction Globe Theatre, the original site of the Globe and Rose Theatres, and Southwark Cathedral.

Length: 90-120 minutes


Panel Discussion: Global Perspectives on COVID

An expert in applied neuroscience discusses why a pandemic is so challenging, offering tips for resiliency. GEO colleagues in Europe and Africa then share insights and local perspectives.

Length: 60 minutes


Black History Tour of London

Take a virtual tour of London and learn about Black History in the city. You'll learn about the role of the City of London in the global slave trade; the arrival and impact of the Windrush generation; and the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement. Visit sites such as Trafalgar Square, home to hundreds of years of African history, and memorials honoring key individuals including Nelson Mandela and Mary Seacole.

Length: 60 minutes


Mental Health Tour of London

Take a virtual tour of London and learn about how the approach to the mental health of its inhabitants has changed over the years. Visit sites such as "Bedlam", the Bethlehem Royal Hospital, and trace its history from the "palace for lunatics" to a modern psychiatric facility. Explore the ways in which urbanization contributes to mental health issues and simultaneously look at possible solutions in the landscape of the city. 

Length: 60 minutes


Beauty and Mental Well-Being

Only four percent of people define themselves as beautiful. How can we recapture our beauty in the age of social media? This lecture will consider western notions of beauty and the impact on the Global Majority in the UK. 

Length: 60 minutes


Well-Being Sessions

An expert in organizational psychology helps future leaders find their inner strengths.

Identifying your Purpose

Learn about Ikagi, the Japanese secret to a long and happy life, and how it can help with resilience and psychological safety.

Learning to Reflect

The challenge with reflection is that people often don’t go far enough to deal with the cause and not the symptom. Build on learning to understand why we act/think the way we do and how to apply reflection techniques.

Managing your Emotions

Break the stimulus-response process and deadline with automatic thoughts. Learn about the process of attentional control.

Investing your Resources

Explore the locus of control: we have finite resources and must choose where to invest them.

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