#NoPassportNeeded Elements: New Enhancements for the Global Classroom

Study abroad, at its core, is about connection. Increasingly, we can create that connection by integrating global education experiences into any course, in any place. In addition to connecting us to people and places, we can harness experiential learning to mitigate the physical, social and economic barriers that persist for many students when it comes to traditional study abroad.

As a foundational element of international exchange for more than two decades, digital platforms now offer more ways to introduce dynamic enrichment and increase accessibility in the global classroom. Infuse experiential components and global, project-based learning into your courses this year—or just add some new content in an exciting new medium. Examples include:

  • Project-based learning
  • Virtual homestays
  • Language conversation partners
  • Guest lecturers
  • Cross-cultural enrichment activities
  • Capstone project support
  • Career development opportunities

Browse our menu of global enrichment options, and let GEO help bring the world to your classroom, or let us design a customized global learning module for you in the year ahead.

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Academically AdvantaGEOus.

Academic Excellence

  • Innovative experiences keep students engaged.
  • Experienced international faculty and global leaders share new perspectives and expertise in many fields.
  • Seamless integration with your current course content.
  • Real-world experiences and interactive models geared towards desired learning outcomes.


  • Virtual home-stay families.
  • Language partners support student-to-student learning objectives.
  • Cross-cultural interactions build student confidence.
  • Travel constraints no longer pose barriers.


  • Asynchronous and synchronous options (live sessions, panel discussions, cooking classes, reflections, narrated tours, etc.).
  • Faculty and students grow new networks.
  • GEO Center site staff offer support and facilitation.
  • Cost effective; GEO can work with any budget.



Experiential Options for the Global Classroom: The Choice Is Yours

Are you looking for additional content, new ideas in the online space, or a way to infuse hybrid classes with new experiential learning modules? Here are some of the ways you can introduce complementary, cross-cultural enrichment activities into the classroom, support capstone projects, and even extend students unique career development opportunities.

Add an engaging and timely lecture led by British industry experts and scholars on a varierty of topics, ranging from the long-term impacts of COVID-19 on the sports industry to the history of British politics.

Elements in London, United Kingdom

Immerse yourself in Spanish language and culture through virtual homestays with families in Oviedo. Take virtual tours of beautiful historical sites like Covadonga and visit the city of Gijon, on the Asturian coast.

Elements in Oviedo, Spain

Connect your students with supplemental activities within the beautiful city of Segovia. See Segovia’s Romanesque churches, have dinner with a local Spanish family, or take a tour of Alcazar Castle.

Elements in Segovia, Spain

Explore the architecture, culture, and traditions of Italy through a set of carefully curated virtual experiences, including lectures on the Italian Renaissance, virtual tours of Pienza, cooking classes, and the history of wine.

Elements in Siena, Italy


Expand your curriculum with these carefully-curated seminars focused on global economics and business.

Elements in Sustainability, Marketing, and Business




Get A “Taste” of A Virtual Homestay:
Making Traditional Spanish Tortilla with the Azpeitia Family

Meet the Azpeitia family from Spain! Whether it’s a cooking lesson from the kitchen counter or a conversation from the couch, Ángel, Rebeca, Paula and Lola will steal your hearts and help you practice your Spanish language skills. Host families are a great way for students to make authentic cross-cultural connections and real progress in language acquisition studies.


Let's Get Started!
#NoPassportNeeded Elements offer exciting opportunities to integrate customized global experiences into individual courses or departments. Once you've looked at the varied seminars, well-being sessions, project modules, guest lectures, narrated tours and more that our Centers can offer, contact us at geocustomized@uoregon.edu to discuss your ideas for customization or sign up using the form below.
With language partners starting as low as $30, many cross-cultural activities starting at $75, and engaging seminars offered by experienced GEO instructors for just a couple hundred dollars more, we look forward to providing you with package options and detailed quotes tailored to your students' needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do these Elements fit into my class?
These can fit in any way you want! There are both synchronous and asynchronous options for these experiences, including live interactions and recordings, available for immediate use and through the 2020-21 academic year. Be sure to talk with GEO about your specific needs.

What languages are these Elements available in?
Most guest lectures can be delivered in English. Some of the language and culture lectures can be delivered in either English or the language of study. If you have requests or questions about the language of instruction, please contact GEO.

Can my students get credit or receive a transcript from GEO?
All GEO Elements are designed to be embedded into an existing course. Whether these experiences are required or optional for the course will be up to the faculty organizing the course, and any considerations for credit are at the discretion of the institution. No credit or transcripts will be issued for these Elementss by GEO or the UO.

What technology do my students and I need?
GEO Elements may make use of a variety of equipment and technology, but some of the most common are:

  • Zoom video conferencing software
  • Whatsapp international texting app
  • OneDrive document/image sharing
  • Outlook email



Interested in Learning More About the Power of Virtual Exchange?

In the decades since virtual exchange became a reality, there have been many studies about its efficacy and best practices. The Stevens’ Initiative has curated an extensive list of resources that is a great starting point.

For an introduction to the terms and concepts of Virtual Exchange, GEO recommends the Stevens’ Initiative’s report on Virtual Exchange Typology. It’s a great way to establish common terminology amongst practitioners so that this aspect of the field can continue to evolve and grow.

If you wish to take a deeper look into studies about Virtual Exchange’s efficacy and important aspects for consideration, check out the 2020 Annotated Bibliography on Virtual Exchange Research.