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Athens Excursions


During this three-to-four-day trip, tour palaces and cities built over 4,000 years ago by the Minoans. Visit the mountains and valleys of Crete and enjoy Cretan cuisine. Swim in the clear blue waters of the southern Aegean.

Cultural Activities

Your site director and staff will provide information to help you take advantage of many local cultural events and activities. Typical examples include: Classical Greek Art/Archaeology
: Acropolis Museum, 
Museum of Cycladic Art
, Benaki Museum
, National Archaeological Museum, 
Byzantine and Christian Museum
, Museum of Greek Folk Art, Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center Contemporary Art
: The National Art Gallery, Frissiras and Herakleidon Museum, 
Technopolis (Athens Video Art Festival, Dance Festival), 
School of Fine Arts
, Scholeion,
 art galleries Music
: Megaron Mousikis, 
Athens Festival...


During this three-to-four day trip see the archaeological sites of Mycenae , tour Epidaurus and enjoy a wine tasting at a local wine shop. In Andritsana, explore a picturesque little village in the Peloponnese and stay in a restored traditional home. Visit the temples and museums in Olympia and see the gymnasium where the first Olympic games were held.


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