Photo Contest Guidelines

The GEO Photo Contest gives you the chance to select the photos that best capture your amazing GEO adventure abroad and the person you became (or are becoming) as a result of it.

The contest has three themes (Host Culture, Architecture and Landscape, Student in Action). It is up to you to interpret the thematic categories in a concrete (people, landscape, objects) or abstract (ideas, emotions, cultural concepts) way. All photos should in some way reflect your time abroad, and how you interacted with your host culture.


Host Culture
Including but not limited to inside your host family's home, celebrations/holidays, unique food or beverages, your favorite restaurant, cultural clothing, national/local festivals, etc.

Architecture and Landscape
Class and program excursions, your walk to class, weekend getaways or group outings. A building, location, or landmark that captivated you.

Student in Action
Including but not limited to a candid photo of you or a classmate, students in the background, or an authentic experience.

Contest guidelines:  

  1. Fill out the entry form
  2. Read the following photo submission guidelines provided below.
  3. All GEO program alumni are eligible to enter.
  4. Submit (multiple) photos in a zipped folder, attached to the email or via a Dropbox or Google Drive link.
  5. Submit all photos and documents to

Photo guidelines:

  • Minimum resolution: 300 dpi and/or 600 x 900 pixels
  • No filtered photographs (i.e., Instagram). Appropriate photo content
  • No more than 5 photos per category may be submitted
  • Each photo must be accompanied by descriptive content