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Archaeology in Curaçao

In this program we will explore the archaeology of Curaçao and other Pre-Columbian settlements in the Caribbean islands. With a focus toward examining migration theories, settlement patterns, subsistence strategies and the development of cultural complexity through time, we will examine the rich archaeological and historical record of a region that often receives little attention from introductory textbooks and discussions of world prehistory. Toward the end of the course, we will discuss how many of these smaller island states, dependent on the tourist industry for income, have grappled with...

Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey University Exchange

In this exchange program, you will enroll directly in classes at the Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey (ITESM) Campus Queretaro. At the ITESM Queretaro you can study Business, Communication and Digital Art, Architecture, Marketing, Accounting, Agriculture, and Engineering. The ITESM Queretaro campus has been recognized as one of the best options to pursue studies in Latin America and offers the best University facilities in the region. These include classrooms equipped with multimedia technology, 120 specialized laboratories, a new Technology Park, gymnasium/auditorium, new residence halls,...
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