Courses and Credits

Enroll in four courses for 17 course credits.

Spring Quarter

Advanced Architectural Design Studio (UO ARCH 484/584)

Six credits - Pass/No Pass only. This course fits into the ongoing redevelopment context, and you will be designing a large (25,000 – 50,000 s.f.), multi-story, mixed-use public building for one of several real sites on less-active areas of the island, with particular attention paid to how the...Read more

Advanced Media for Design Development (UO ARCH 424/524)

Three credits - Pass/No Pass only. This course is designed to encourage the development of digital media techniques that directly support the architectural design process, and in particular, support design activities in the kinetic architecture design seminar. The course will consist of two parts:...Read more

Kinetic Architecture Design Seminar (UO ARCH 407/507)

Four credits - Graded or Pass/No Pass. In this seminar, you will explore the world of architecture-in-motion. Apart from windows, doors and vertical conveyances, most buildings have few moving parts and are conceived of and built as static artifacts. Driven by issues of sustainability and the...Read more

Vancouver Architecture and Urban Design Seminar (UO ARCH 407/507)

Four credits - Pass/No Pass only. This seminar is designed to take advantage of your residency in the unique urban environment of Greater Vancouver. The seminar will be composed of three interrelated parts: A general study of the architecture and urban design of Vancouver, and a more in-depth study...Read more