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Neotropical Ecology in Ecuador

20200225_SustainableGoals_LiveOnLand-416x416.png 20200225_SustainableGoals_ClimateAction-416x416.png This program has been postponed to summer 2022. The tropics, which occupy about seven percent of the Earth’s surface, contain the bulk of our biodiversity (maybe as high as 50%), and they also are the regions that are experiencing some of the highest rates of destruction. At the current rate of destruction, the tropical forests will be completely gone in less than 200 years. The destruction of tropical systems is having many adverse consequences: regional and global climate patterns are...

Wildlands Studies

A sponsored GEO program, Wildlands Studies field project programs offers the rare opportunity to study critical environmental and wildlife concerns on six continents and sixteen different countries. Nomadic by design, the field based courses evolve annually to match the latest ecological research of the region. Academically rigorous, each outdoor study program earns 15 UO credits, features direct contact and instruction with PhD credentialed faculty who are subject matter experts, contributes directly to your cumulative GPA, and UO financial aid will apply. Students come from all over North...
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