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Greek Food and Culture

20200225_SustainableGoals_ConsumptionProduction-416x416.png Through structured engagements with influential texts in food studies and Greek food, culture and history and guided encounters in key food related locations (ancient and contemporary) across the country participants will gain important insights into Greek cuisine in the three different and complementary regional contexts. The program focuses on experiential learning in the historical rich and dynamically modern city of Athens and on the nearby Cycladic Island of Kea, the productive fields and vineyards of the charming Peloponnese...

Studio Art in Athens

The unique landscape of the Greek islands and the multilayered city of Athens provide the setting for this intensive three-week studio art course. Through a series of lectures, fieldwork, daily excursions to archaeological sites and museums, contemporary galleries and engagement with land and sea, students will have the opportunity to weave their experience of place and consideration of history and art into the practice of making art. Our methods will be interdisciplinary and open to various modes of expression, which might include but are not limited to, drawing and painting, text,...
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