Program Overview

This program will run again in Summer 2020.

The unique landscape of the Greek islands and the multilayered city of Athens provide the setting for this intensive three-week studio art course. Through a series of lectures, fieldwork, daily excursions to archaeological sites and museums, contemporary galleries and engagement with land and sea, students will have the opportunity to weave their experience of place and consideration of history and art into the practice of making art. Our methods will be interdisciplinary and open to various modes of expression, which might include but are not limited to, drawing and painting, text, performance, photography, sound and video. The emphasis is less on a technique or process and more on developing a methodology that creatively articulates your response to your surroundings and experience of travel. 

In addition to the daily practice of making art, an important component of the course will be the study of artists who engage in practices that involve  traveling to or otherwise focusing on specific geographic locations. We will look toward these practices to give shape to student’s artistic production during this course. We will examine conventional examples of art dealing with how place forms social, historical and cultural values as well as artists who complicate traditional ways of representing geographic sites, or their activity at those sites. 

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Academic Details

In Art On the Move, you will apply media, techniques and strategies to create art that interprets objects, images and gestures from the natural world and culture of Greece. Through exploring the notion of travel as a creative activity while gaining an understanding of the traveler’s cultural position, you will fully engage with the environment at hand as well as the process of travelling through creative practice. You will gain a basic understanding of Greek history, culture and art over the course of the program through exposure to museums and contemporary art in Athens from commercial galleries, performance and design studios to alternate creative hubs.

Faculty and Staff

Tannaz Farsi
Exploring shifts in meaning between object, image, and site, Tannaz Farsi’s work examines the contingent nature of memory and the role of the individual in environments of displacement caused by political upheaval and ideological conflict through sculpture, installation, and conceptual art practices.  

Donald Morgan
Employing imagery based in the forest, such as tangled undergrowth, spider webs and the architecture of fire lookouts, Donald Morgan takes advantage of the interstices between the two and three-dimensional. The inter-related sculptures and paintings function together as a hard-edged geometric landscape, creating an ersatz wilderness engendered by temporal and spatial shifts, the confluence of warmth and coldness, and interplay between the flat and the volumetric as well as the near and the far.

Housing Description

While in Athens, you will live in a shared apartment with a small kitchenette within walking distance of the Athens Centre. Generally, there will be two to four students in each apartment, although some houses will accommodate up to six people. You have the choice of cooking meals in the apartment, or eating at one of the inexpensive cafés and restaurants near the Athens Centre.

Dates and Deadlines

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Travel Advisories

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Course Equivalencies

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