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SIT: Climate Change and the Arctic in Iceland

No ecosystem is changing faster than the Arctic, and few scientific disciplines are more critical to the world than the study of climate change. In this program, you will learn about Arctic climates, ecosystems, and how humans interact with them – as well as the impacts climate change will have on plants, animals and human communities in the Arctic and across the globe now and into the future. During this program, you will take classes on the arctic ecosystems, climate modelling and carbon management, as well as conducting fieldwork that introduces you to scientific methods, data collection,...

SIT: Summer Renewable Energy, Technology, and Resource Economics in Iceland

Iceland is a world leader in developing the use of renewable energy. While this is partly attributable to the country’s ample endowment of geothermal and hydroelectric resources, Icelanders have also made unique economic choices, valuing the social benefits of energy independence differently than much of the world. The Renewable Energy, Technology, and Resource Economics program is divided into three components. In the capital, Reykjavik, you will meet with politicians, industry leaders, and social activists to develop your understanding of how Iceland’s energy policy fits into the larger...
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