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SIT: Arts, Religion, and Social Change in Bali

SIT semester programs include the following components: one-week orientation, intensive language study, homestay (in urban and rural areas), thematic seminar, field methods seminar, independent study project (last month of program), and program evaluation. In this program you will examine the close relationship between religion, fine arts, performing arts, and social organization in contemporary Bali. You will discover the dynamic ways in which Balinese traditional arts are changing, especially in urban settings, in response to the pressures of globalization and increased Balinese engagement...

SIT: Summer Biodiversity and Conservation in Indonesia

Examine biodiversity and learn about grassroots conservation in the tropical ecosystems of Indonesia. The program is based in Kerambitan, Bali, on the grounds of an ancient palace complex, in an area called the Puri Saren Kangin (“Palace of the Eastern Sleeping Quarters”). You’ll visit Java and Borneo and experience a three-night homestay with a family in nearby rural Tabanan, famous for its beautiful rice terraces, black sand beaches, and distinctive temples and art. UNESCO recognized Tabanan’s irrigation district and rice fields of Subak Jatiluwih as a World Heritage site. In addition to...
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