Courses and Credits

Enroll in three courses for 12 summer quarter credits or 9 summer semester credits.


ARCH 4/584: Design Studio

In this architecture studio we will connect the qualities of the eternal city and the current worldwide problems of housing and living of refugees in new lands, and new cities. Rome and Italy are particularly affected by this problem as a key receiver land of especially boat refugees in the middle...Read more

ARCH 423/523: Media for Design Development

For Architecture majors, this course fulfills the ARCH 4/523 Advanced Media or subject area elective. For Art History majors, this course fulfills the undergraduate Studio Art requirement and graduate elective. In the field, students will practice ways to capture and interpret environments using a...Read more

ARH 407/507: The City of Rome: Monuments in their Urban Contexts

Art History
This course will use the magnificent architecture of Rome and its environs to help students understand the broad historical trajectory of western culture. We will explore the rise of the Roman empire, the impact of Christianity on in the late antique and medieval periods, the dramatic innovations...Read more