IE3 Global Internships

Language Requirement: Varies
Academic Standing by Program Start: Junior or Above
Location: Multicountry
GPA: 2.75
Program Overview

IE3 Global provides internships at over 100 different organizations in 50 countries, where students can earn credit in majors ranging from finance to social work, fashion to nursing.

Internships through IE3 Global offer you the opportunity to gain professional work experience while earning UO academic credit. Internships typically range in length from ten weeks to six months and are available in a variety of private-sector companies, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions around the world. Internships are open to juniors, seniors, graduate students, and post-baccalaureate students. All IE3 participants are required to be enrolled students and must earn academic credit for their internship. Typically, undergraduate students earn between 6-12 credits while graduate students earn between 5-9 credits.

Internships listed on the IE3 Global Internships (IE3) website include both standard internship placements and individualized placements. In standard IE3 internship placements, you apply to a particular internship site in a country. For individualized placements, you apply to an in-country professional placement agency that works to find an internship site that fits your goals and interests. Individualized internships are available in certain countries and cities, and they often have more on-site support than standard internship placements due to the presence of an in-country placement agency.

Internships are available in a variety of countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and Oceania.

To search for internship options, visit the IE3 Global Internships website.

Please note that a few of the internship locations have a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning. For these locations, you may be required to complete additional steps within your GEO application. Please schedule an appointment with your GEO advisor to discuss this. For more information on which locations have travel warnings, please visit:

Course Equivalencies

Actual credit awarded is determined by the relevant department at your university in consultation with the study abroad office. Check with your study abroad advisor for more information.

UO students, please refer to the UO Course Equivalency Process and the UO Office of the Registrar Course Equivalency Database.

Additional requirements

Each internship site has its own set of qualifications.

Dates and Deadlines
Fall Quarter2019 4/15/2019
Winter Quarter20209/1/2019
Spring Quarter202011/15/2019
Fall Quarter20204/15/2020
Winter Quarter20219/1/2020
Spring Quarter202111/15/2020

Travel Advisories

For current health, safety, and travel advisory information, search the US Department of State country webpage.