Courses and Credits

Enroll in four to five courses for approximately 18-24 quarter or 12-16 semester credits.

Spring Semester

Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition in Segovia (Spring Semester)

This course has been designed for students who have already acquired a high level of Spanish and want to move up to mastery level. Specifically, you will practice advanced grammar structures to improve both your written and oral skills. The course also includes a review of advanced vocabulary,...Read more

Colloquial Moroccan Arabic (CMA)

In Survival Moroccan Arabic, the students learn the basic skills needed to communicate in Colloquial Moroccan Arabic (CMA). The course introduces the sound system of CMA, the basic vocabulary, and basic grammar that help the students develop basic communicative skills.Read more

Immigration, Nationalism and Border Politics in Spain and Morocco

Spanish, Political Science
This course is designed to provide in depth study regarding the history of immigration to Spain in general, its repercussions on society, and the relationship between Spanish and Moroccan communities in Spain and Morocco. We will study the historical and present day migratory movement of Moroccan...Read more

Service-Learning Seminar

Service Learning
This Service-Learning seminar provides students with the opportunity to reflect and discuss their Service-Learning placements on a weekly basis and through written journals. The course will be taught in Spanish while in Segovia and in English while in Fes. The American Association of Community...Read more

Spain and Its Role in the European Union (Spring Semester)

This course gives a broad vision of the present situation of Spain and the countries that currently make up the European Union. At the same time, the institutions and the government agencies of the European Union are studied to understand the reach and future possibilities that this supranational...Read more

Spanish Art History: From the Golden Age to the Twentieth Century

Art History
This course consists of learning the language associated with architecture, sculpture and painting, that is to say, the three major art forms. Once these concepts are learned, we begin the study of the history of Spanish art from the Renaissance to the twentieth century, but not without a summary...Read more

Spanish Culture and Civilization: Contemporary Spain

Social Sciences and Humanities
This course is a historical, political, social and cultural journey through authentic Spain up to the twentieth century. You will familiarize yourself with the Spanish idiosyncrasies and the special and original characteristics of this country and its people. You will also get to know the concerns...Read more

Spanish Grammar and Conversation in Segovia (Spring Semester)

This is as an intermediate level course that helps consolidate your prior knowledge of the Spanish language helping you acquire confidence, not only in understanding the language, but also in using the target language properly. You will not only have access to the language in a real context, but...Read more

Spanish Literature: Spain in Crisis–From the Disaster of 1898 to Democracy

Women’s and Gender Studies
In this course you will study Spanish literature around 1898. This was a time of crisis in Spanish society from which a group of writers surfaced that made up the Silver Age of Hispanic arts. The period studied is after the Civil War of 1936 with the censor limitations of Franco. Lastly, authors of...Read more

The Coexistence of the Three Mediterranean Religions, Their Divergence in Spain and in the World Today (Spring Semester)

Religious Studies
This course traces how, during the eighth through 15th century, the Iberian Peninsula was converted into a crucible in which the three great Mediterranean religions and their cultures were in close contact. This course is designed to provide knowledge of Judaism, Christianity and Islam throughout...Read more