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Global Sports Business Strategy in the Netherlands, Germany, and UK

This three-week Global Sports Business Strategy program exposes you to international sports businesses and highlights business strategies and priorities for both US-based sports businesses operating in international markets and Global companies that engage with US consumers. This program is an excellent way for a student interested in an international career to experience the possibilities of international markets in a firsthand and intensive immersion. It is important to understand how the cultural, social, and political context affects business strategies across core functions. You will...

CIEE: Business and Culture in Amsterdam

The Business and Culture program is designed for students who are majoring or minoring in business or economics and considering a career in the business world, or who plan to explore graduate studies in business or pursue an MBA. You will be able to take courses from the areas of Business Studies, Economics, or Economics and Finance, either pursuing courses in one of these tracks or choosing courses from multiple areas. The program provides you a better understanding of the theories and tools that address the complexity of issues in today’s global economy. The University of Amsterdam (UvA)...

CIEE: Summer Contemporary Netherlands Studies Program in Amsterdam

Contemporary Netherlands Studies is ideal if you are interested in social policy or public health. In addition to the classroom components, you will also visit museums, have guest lectures, and guided visits and excursions to supplement the academic content of the course(s) you are taking. For further information about the program, including dates and course information, please visit: CIEE: Contemporary Netherlands Studies Program (Summer)

CIEE: Social Sciences and Humanities in Amsterdam

The Social Sciences program at the University of Amsterdam was established in 1993. The CIEE study center is based at the International School for Humanities and Social Sciences (ISHSS)/Graduate School for Social Sciences (GSSS) which offers a number of humanities and social sciences courses in English, and aims to increase students' understanding of social, political, and cultural realities in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Europe. You can also take regular UvA courses in English if you meet the prerequisites. You are able to take both CIEE courses as well as University of Amsterdam (UvA)...
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