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CIEE: Language and Culture in Dakar

The Language & Culture program offers you the opportunity to live and study in a French-speaking West African country and to immerse yourself in two of Senegal's official languages: French and Wolof. Through a broad range of coursework in English and/or French, you will be able to engage in topics concerning Africa in general, and Senegal specifically. By doing so, you will gain a greater understanding of the issues and challenges facing Senegal today and learn first-hand about this multi-lingual society. You will take five courses each semester: three required and two elective courses...

CIEE: Development Studies in Dakar

The Development Studies program offers you the chance to learn firsthand about the development challenges facing Senegal through both coursework and participation in urban and rural community engagement projects. The program includes a practicum. As part of the practicum, you will spend approximately two weeks living in various parts of rural and semi-urban Senegal with Peace Corps and other NGO volunteers. All students enroll in the Advanced French-Development Studies course. You will also be required to take the Wolof language course and the Development Studies Practicum. In addition to the...
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