Courses and Credits

Enroll in four courses for approximately 16, upper-division quarter credits.


Advanced Technology and Barcelona Data (UO ARCH 410/510)

Architecture, Art, Architecture and Design
This course satisfies the Design Technology requirment for Architecture majors at the University of Oregon. New data collection and computation techniques provide the opportunity for open, experiential and systematic understanding of site. The use of handheld mobile technology and new inexpensive...Read more

Barcelona Urban Design Studio (UO ARCH 4/584)

Architecture, Art, Architecture and Design
The intermediate architectural design studio that engages the design of streets, plazas and other urban space from the human-scale for the betterment of health. The studio will be integrated with the seminar, media and advanced technology courses and provide an opportunity for students to use urban...Read more

Contemporary Urban Design in Barcelona Seminar (UO ARCH 410/510)

This course teaches the urban design idea of the importance of social interaction and cohesion at the human scale of cities. Fundamental contemporary principles are taught including self-sufficiency of city blocks and superblocks, and urban ecology of cities as organisms of interrelated systems,...Read more

Media for Design Development (UO ARCH 423/523)

This is a design and project-based method course to teach students methods to measure urban characteristics and create responsive and informed filtering system for human comfort. Methods are applied to short exercises, a significant design problem-based project and final group activity. Smart and...Read more