Courses and Credits

Enroll in three courses for approximately 12 quarter credits. For UO students, the credits earned can be used to fulfill general undergraduate electives, or, for students majoring in architecture, interior architecture, and landscape architecture, as well as professional elective requirements. Students from allied fields may be able to request major credit from their major departments. Prior to departure, students will commence their studies by completing an orientation program. Students who are not in residence on the Eugene campus will be able to participate remotely in the orientation program.


Contemporary Urban Design in Barcelona Seminar (UO ARCH 410/510)

This course focuses on measuring neighborhood social interaction. You will examine contemporary principles such as the self-sufficiency of city blocks and superblocks, and urban ecology of cities as organisms of interrelated systems.Read more

Data Making Workshop: Urban Sensing Robotics (UO ARCH 408/508)

In this course you will examine the use of handheld mobile technology and new inexpensive microprocessors and sensors to bring the power of information to an accessible user level.Read more

Media for Design Development (UO ARCH 423/523)

This course looks at methods to measure urban characteristics, such as diagramming and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Methods are applied to short exercises and to a design problem-based project and final group activity.Read more