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Uppsala University Exchange

In this exchange program, you will enroll directly in classes at Uppsala University. The program is ideal if you are interested in an intensive study format in many fields of the humanities, natural and social sciences, and business. Uppsala University offers more than 700 courses that are taught in English to incoming exchange students. Uppsala University is a highly ranked, rigorous research university with excellent laboratories and institutes. Uppsala offers several unique areas of study during the academic year, including Baltic regional studies, Holocaust/genocide studies, education,...

DIS: Stockholm

Stockholm, a major city founded more than 700 years ago, combines old-world charm with the vibrant life of a modern European capital. Choose a core course from 11 academic programs and select from over 50 upper-level elective courses. All courses are taught in English. Areas of study include Gender and Sexuality, Economics, International Studies, Literature, Biomedicine, Neuroscience, Psychology, Public Health, Political Science, and Swedish Language and Culture. Courses are taught by Swedish and European faculty who are also practitioners in their fields, and courses include excursions and...
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