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SIT: Coastal Ecology and Natural Resource Management in Stone Town

SIT semester programs include the following components: one-week orientation, intensive language study, homestay (in urban and rural areas), thematic seminar, field methods seminar, independent study project (last month of program), and program evaluation. In the program, you will examine coastal ecology and natural resource management in one of the most remarkable areas of the world: Zanzibar and the islands of the Western Indian Ocean. The region's geographic location and distinct ecological conditions allow you to study specific environmental topics, including tropical forest management...

CIEE: Community Development, Language, and Culture in Iringa

The Community Development, Language, and Culture study abroad program allows you to gain a background in community development while taking Kiswahili language and additional CIEE courses taught by faculty from the University of Iringa. The use of Kiswahili will allow you to communicate more effectively and openly with members of the communities in which they are completing their field work. While in Iringa, you will engage with local NGOs and other community-based organizations and go on a series of community development site visits to see theory in action. Additionally, as part of the CIEE...
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