Courses and Credits

Enroll in 2 courses for approximately 6 quarter or 4 semester credits.


ARH 205: History of Western Art II

Art History, Fine Arts
This course focuses on the major monuments, artists and artistic developments in Western Europe during the medieval and renaissance periods. Spanning the years from 400 AD to 1550 AD, the course begins with Rome’s fall, and goes on to consider Rome’s legacy, the rise of the Byzantine Empire, and...Read more

ARH 314: History of World Architecture I

Art History, Fine Arts
This course examines architecture as a physical record of human society from prehistory through ca. 1400. As we are covering over 5,000 years of architectural practice, we will focus on periods of intense architectural innovation by looking at a series of paradigmatic buildings and analyze them in...Read more

ARH 399: Art and Architecture of London

Art History, Fine Arts
This course looks at the history of art and architecture in London—both at the city as a site of art production and at the contemporary city as a site of art exhibition. London is dense with layers of history. It is both a museum city with a rich artistic heritage as well as a monumental...Read more