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Update: This experience will not run in 2020. 

In January this year, Brexit, Britain's departure from the European Union, controlled the British political conversation. Two months later, the COVID-19 pandemic dominated the political landscape. You will explore these topics and more with a true British perspective.

Other issues that are returning to center stage include:

  • Britain's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it may or may not have made the government culpable for the scale of the pandemic that Britain has suffered
  • Boris Johnson's right-of-center conservative government
  • The state-run and funded National Health Service (NHS), especially during the time of COVID-19
  • An abiding trade deal between Britain and the rest of Europe
  • Divisions within the United Kingdom due to Brexit
  • Implications of the Labour party's new leader, Keir Starmer, in association with the outgoing leader, Jeremy Corbyn

London experiences are an exceptional opportunity to learn remotely from leading industry experts, get personalized tips of the trade, and engage with exclusive guest speakers. 

Work with London-based faculty in Oxford-and-Cambridge style one-on-ones and develop international relationships with resume-building opportunities. London faculty are excited for you to join them this summer! Check out what they have to say to you:

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Academic Details

Earn 4 UO credits. The credits are approved at the University of Oregon as 300-level PS credit and count towards a Global Career Path. CRN 42940. For non-UO students, credit awarded is determined by the relevant department at your university in consultation with the study abroad office. Begin an application to learn more.

The draft syllabus for this experience will be updated soon to reflect remote activities. Experiential activities will/may include:

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Actual credit awarded is determined by the relevant department at your university in consultation with the study abroad office. Check with your study abroad advisor for more information.

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Faculty and Staff

London-based, Andrew Whitehead was the Editor of BBC World Service News, the BBC’s biggest radio network reaching more than forty million listeners around the world. During his career, he has been a foreign correspondent, a correspondent covering British politics, a news presenter and a maker of award winning documentaries. He has spent a semester as a Knight-Wallace Journalism Fellow at the University of Michigan. His latest book, The Lives of Freda, was published in 2019.

You will also be supported by our delightful GEO London team. They will be inviting you to a virtual pub quiz, remote walking tours of their beloved city (when it is safe of course!), and make sure you get a taste of London from afar. Check out their Instagram page to see program highlights

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