Courses and Credits

Enroll in 2-3 courses plus a required internship for approximately 12-18 quarter credits. Total internship credits will vary depending on internship hours. All students must take a mandatory internship seminar for one quarter credit.

Spring Quarter

BA 308 Leadership and Communication

The purpose of this course is to develop leadership and communication skills. We will focus on self-awareness for leading, persuading, and working with others; effective business writing and speaking; and team development.Read more

BA 325 Global, Legal, and Social Environment of Business

Business and Economics
Study the legal and ethical regulations of business organizations--including their human resource, finance, production, marketing, and environmental functions--in the United Kingdom, United States, and throughout Europe.Read more

Cross-Cultural Business Communication

Business and Economics
The environment in which organisations operate is referred to as VUCA: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. Part of what drives this is increasing globalisation. No longer are your colleagues just local, teams are spread across countries and time zones with different languages and cultures...Read more

London Internship Seminar - Spring Quarter

(Internship and Service Learning Placement Hours 100) This seminar actively helps you to evaluate your development in the workplace through discussions of organizational theory, employment best practice and inter-cultural skills for business.Read more