Note: Beginning with the Summer 2017 scholarship cycle, UO students will apply for the GEO Ambassador Scholarship through the General Study Abroad Scholarships application.

GEO is passionate about study abroad and hopes that every student is able to participate in a life-changing experience abroad. With this in mind, GEO offers scholarship opportunities to encourage interested students to apply for and participate in a GEO study abroad experience. The GEO Ambassador Scholarship is a monetary scholarship available to all students applying to GEO faculty-led programs and GEO Center programs. (Students applying to CIEE/SIT/IE3/exchange programs are not eligible for this scholarship). 

Individual scholarships are available and range from $500-$1,500; the amount awarded will vary depending on an applicant’s:

  • Academic standing
  • Scholarship application essay
  • Project proposal
  • Financial need  

Upon return, recipients are expected to share their study abroad experience both as a GEO Ambassador and through their project (as described below).

Application Process

UO STUDENTS - Click here to begin your scholarship application.

NON-UO STUDENTS - Click here to begin your scholarship application

PLEASE NOTE: In order for a scholarship application to be considered, students must submit the following GEO program application materials by the scholarship deadline:

University transcript(s)
$50 GEO application fee
Study abroad essay(s)
Letter(s) of recommendation

Scholarship Submission Details

Tell us in 500 words or less your objectives for your time abroad, as well as how you expect the program to contribute to your academic, career and personal goals. You should also include a description of any special circumstances you would like the committee to consider.

Project Proposal
During and/or after their study abroad program, applicants will create a multimedia project of their own design that effectively and creatively communicates their experience. Your project should be clear in scope and purpose, and should be completed within two months of your return. You can choose to focus on a particular element of your study abroad experience (curriculum, location, excursions, etc.), or on your experience as a whole. To help convey your story in an accessible and engaging manner, the project may include (but is not limited to):

  • Video   
  • Blogs (regularly updated while abroad)  
  • Journaling/Interviews
  • Photographs

The committee will be looking for projects that demonstrate careful thought, planning and reflection on the unique elements of your program.

Financial Need
If you would like your financial status to be considered, please submit a copy of your financial aid award letter from your home university financial aid office for the current academic year. This document should be available in late spring after you have submitted your FAFSA and will specify the type of aid you will be provided for that academic year.

GEO Ambassadorship
In the academic year following their return, scholarship recipients will be expected to act as “Ambassadors” for GEO, sharing their experiences with others on their home campus, in their community and beyond. Please note, scholarship recipients who will not be on their home campus the following year can still act as an GEO Ambassador. Responsibilities of a GEO Ambassador may include (but will not be limited to):

  • Presenting on your experience at various local events.
  • Answering questions from peers and/or potential students in person or via e-mail/telephone.
  • Representing GEO at your school’s study abroad fair.