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Study & Intern Abroad Photos, Videos & Stories

By submitting your study abroad story, you're helping your fellow students learn more about the experience so they might try it too! We would love to use this content in public-facing marketing and communications efforts such as social media, email, and Around the O stories. 

If you have additional content to share or a link (I.e., Google Photos), please email



Submission Guidelines

  • High-quality, vertical and horizontal content
  • .JPEG, .HEIC, .MP4
  • At least 10 seconds for videos
  • No drugs, alcohol, inappropriate/illegal activities, profanity, etc. Use good judgement! 
  • In the student story section, upload a Word Doc that identifies each photo (ex: .jpeg file name) with a brief description of where the photo is taken and other important information (who, what, where).
  • Fill out the digital Model Release Form
  • If you have additional content to share or a link (I.e., to Google Photos), email

GoPro Guide

GEO has seven GoPros that students can request to check out during their program.
Email your request to If accepted, you must complete and submit the Property Receipt Form.


GoPro Hero 7

GoPro Hero 6

GoPro Hero 4

Content Ideas

  • Group pictures with other students
  • Solo pictures or selfies in your favorite places abroad 
  • BeReal
  • Throwing your O  
  • Landmarks or monuments, nature landscapes, cityscapes, streets, etc. 
  • Anything that stands out or is “famous” in your city, location, or university 
  • Excursion or other activities 
  • Food pics
  • Excursion/activity pictures and videos (horizontal and vertical) 
  • Day in the life abroad (vlog style highlighting your commute, your classroom, what you do for fun, cultural activities) 
  • What I eat in a day 
  • What’s in my bag/pack with me to...
  • Night/weekend/work/school life in (place) 
  • Come with me to (activity) 
  • What no one tells you when traveling to... 
  • What I’ve learned about the culture