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Gender, Race, and Class in London

Most of the program will take place in London. For each class, we will meet one day per week for two hours on site at the GEO Centre. For the second day of each class we will visit locations in London related to the week’s topics. For Law & Order: UK we’ll visit a “scene of the crime”—somewhere related to a place in the novel or TV show for the week. For the religion class, we’ll visit a religious institution. We’ll also travel to Bletchley Park for the crime course and to Framingham Castle for the religion course in addition to our other excursions.

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Semester at Sea

Semester at Sea (SAS) is a pioneer and leader in global, comparative education—a form of international study that focuses on surveying the world's peoples, patterns, cultures, and traditions. The courses will be taught in a comparative context and will make use of the diverse countries that you will visit. The shipboard curriculum is complemented by intensive field programs, which include diverse learning activities (from site visits to research to home-stays with local families) undertaken in each port-of-call.

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USAC: Irish Cultural Studies in Galway

The USAC program in Galway combines an unparalleled location for the study of the Irish past and present with a rich array of classroom speakers, field trips in the West of Ireland, and opportunities to sample the delights of Ireland’s premier film festival and arts festival. The program offers a variety of courses from all majors with emphases in history, music, theatre, literature and Gaelic. You will take courses with US faculty and Irish university faculty affiliated with the program.

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Liberal Arts and Science in Cambridge

The summer program in Cambridge provides you a unique opportunity to study a variety of subjects, including history, literature, medieval studies, classics, science, social science, creative writing and law in an ideal setting: the University of Cambridge, England. You will take courses offered by the University of Cambridge International Summer Programmes and live in one of the Cambridge colleges.

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CIEE: Arts and Sciences in Dublin

The goal of the Arts and Sciences program is to introduce you to the breadth and depth of Irish culture while enhancing your academic studies through integrated study at Dublin City University. This program offers a core course in Irish culture and society followed by opportunities to study in a variety of disciplines. The program location, combined with the host institution’s expertise, also permits you to intern in a field related to your academic studies.

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National University of Singapore Exchange

Study at one of the best institutions in the Asia Pacific region. The National University of Singapore (NUS) is a member of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU), of which the UO is also a member. This program will accept two Clark Honors College students and two to four UO students from any discipline.

Singapore is situated at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula and is at the center of Southeast Asia. Three major cultures co-exist in Singapore namely: Chinese, Malay, and Indian. NUS boasts a diverse student body of more than 32,000 students from 60 countries.

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Liberal Arts in London with Internship

Building on a quarter-century of academic excellence, the London Centre offers multi-disciplinary courses in the liberal arts and humanities with an emphasis on experiential learning supplemented by local outings and excursions. Internship placements are also available to qualified students who are committed to gaining a unique perspective into British life. The internship placement contains both the practical element of working in the organization and a reflective element through the accompanying Internship Seminar.

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Liberal Arts in London

Building on a quarter-century of academic excellence, the London Centre offers multi-disciplinary courses in the liberal arts and humanities. Each course places an important emphasis on experiential learning, transforming the entire city of London into your classroom by incorporating several local outings and excursions.

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