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Hong Kong University Exchange

Hong Kong University (HKU – officially known as the University of Hong Kong) is among the top-ranked universities in Asia and is a member of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU), of which the University of Oregon is also a member. You will participate in HKU’s Worldwide Undergraduate Student Exchange Programme. In this program, you may take classes in most major departments at HKU, including journalism, education, the sciences, and liberal arts. All courses (except for Chinese language) are taught in English and you will be enrolled alongside HKU students.

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Internship and Independent Research In Rosario

This Supervised Internship or Independent Research program is available to qualified students who are committed to gaining a unique perspective into Argentine life. During summer term, this option is offered as a four-week program. During fall term, it is offered as a course option for the Spanish Language and Society program. Internship placements are not guaranteed. Students who are not offered an internship placement have the option to conduct an independent research as described below.

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Music, Arts, and Culture in London

London’s vibrant cultural life and history provide the setting for an immersive three-week musical exploration throughout this world capital. From the serenity of Evensong to the raucousness of a West End musical, students will engage with a wide variety of musical genres spanning from Handel to Hendrix, famed artists who lived in the same London house, two hundred years apart. Students will learn to listen critically and analytically to music originating from a wide variety of historical eras and born from diverse circumstances. 

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USAC: Irish Cultural Studies in Galway

The USAC program in Galway combines an unparalleled location for the study of the Irish past and present with a rich array of classroom speakers, field trips in the West of Ireland, and opportunities to sample the delights of Ireland’s premier film festival and arts festival. The program offers a variety of courses from all majors with emphases in history, music, theatre, literature and Gaelic. You will take courses with US faculty and Irish university faculty affiliated with the program.

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University of Otago Exchange

Enroll directly in courses taught at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. The University of Otago offers a diverse faculty and wide variety of courses that allow you to explore topics and cultures not commonly taught at the University of Oregon, particularly Maori studies. Renowned for its health sciences, the University of Otago prides itself on its research facilities and well regarded psychology department.

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CIEE: Summer South African Studies in Cape Town

In the CIEE Cape Town program you will witness and take part in the complex process of the transformation occurring in South Africa. During courses, community engagement activities, excursions, and more, you’ll trace the impact of colonialism on the indigenous peoples, examine the emergence and significance of apartheid, and explore the role this fascinating country’s history continues to have on society today.

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IE3: Lyon Exchange

The Lyon exchange program is ideal for students in a variety of majors who have sufficient French background and are hoping to experience cultural immersion in the French context. The program offers several options for students at higher or lower levels of French: the year-long exchange with direct enrollment, year-long language institute focusing primarily on language courses, year-long combined language institute and direct enrollment, and semester programs for business, French language, international studies, and political science with most courses taught in English.

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IE3: Baden-Württemberg Exchange Program

This program offers you the opportunity to improve your German proficiency and expand your academic horizons through courses at any one of fifteen partner universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg. You may participate for a semester or the academic year.

Students with only one year of college-level German can also apply to this program. These students will study intensive German the first semester in Tübingen, then stay in Tübingen or transfer to another Baden-Württemberg university the second semester.

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IE3: Universidad de las Américas (UDLA)

The Universidad de las Américas (UDLA) program is designed for students with at least three years of university level Spanish who can take regular courses with Mexican students for a semester or an academic year. The university offers coursework in a wide range of disciplines through the School of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities; the School of Sciences and Engineering; and the School of Business and Economics. Please note that UO students cannot take architecture and interior architecture courses.

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