Using Your Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Most forms of financial aid may be used to pay for your study abroad program costs. Please note, however, that most students need to supplement their standard financial aid package. For specific information about awards and eligibility, you should consult with a financial aid counselor at the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships.

As a UO student, if you wish to use your UO financial aid to help pay for a study abroad program, here are some of the steps you will need to follow:

  1. Apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after October 1, and to ensure consideration for priority funding before February 15.
  2. Your financial aid eligibility will be initially calculated according to the standard campus budget. Respond to all document requests to the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships and accept your initial aid offer through your DuckWeb account as soon as possible. After you have been accepted into your study abroad program your budget and accepted aid will be revised. You will be notified of these changes. If you have any questions concerning additional aid availability please consult with a financial aid counselor. Loans (Stafford, PLUS and alternative) are generally the only type of aid that can be increased.
  3. Summer Applicants: Loans are generally the only type of aid available for summer study and you must complete an additional summer financial aid application online. Summer financial aid applications are usually available beginning April 1 and must be submitted to the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships by May 1.
  4. You are strongly encouraged to signup for Direct Deposit using your DuckWeb account so that if you receive a refund it will be deposited in your checking or savings account.
  5. You must make sure that your UO general account is clear of any debts (library fines, health service fees, etc.) before you leave. Failure to clear your account may prevent you from being registered.
  6. If you are planning to utilize financial aid, please note that federal regulations prohibit the release of financial aid before the beginning of the term(s) at the University of Oregon. Participants will therefore have to find alternative sources of funding to pay for airline tickets and other arrival expenses.
  7. To ensure that you receive expected funds by direct deposit and payments applied, please review and complete the information on this page, Financial Aid Refunds and Title IV authorization.
  8. If you have any questions about the type or amount of your financial aid, contact a financial aid counselor in the UO Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships.




Short-Term Loans through GEO

UO students who are currently receiving financial aid and have already been accepted to a GEO program can request a short-term loan from GEO to help cover up-front costs such as airfare. The amount of the short-term loan ($300-$2000) will be charged to your UO billing account along with a small loan processing fee. These charges will be subject to the normal UO billing terms and conditions. More information can be found at UO Business Affairs. For more information about the short-term loan application process, please contact your GEO Study Abroad Advisor or


Financial Aid & Scholarships Contact Information

Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships
Room 260 Oregon Hall
541-346-3221 or 800-760-6953