Faculty & Staff

Our Mission

Global Education Oregon (GEO) is a unit within the Division of Global Engagement at the University of Oregon. We create pathways to international, experiential learning for students, faculty, and university partners. Founded on the belief that international engagement is integral to developing global citizens, we:

  • Prepare students for a 21st century workforce, creating exceptional academic and professional development opportunities abroad;
  •  Connect faculty to cross-cultural perspectives that enhance their teaching and research;
  • Provide institutional partners with a personalized, progressive approach to international programming and collaboration.


Why Study Abroad Matters

Study abroad is among the most effective high-impact practices contributing to student success. A recent UO Institutional Research analysis using propensity score matching to control for incoming GPA, UO GPA, debt load, race, ethnicity, and residency status, found that study abroad participation is associated with an 11.4% increase in four-year graduation and $2,493 decrease in debt load.

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Develop a Faculty-Led Program
Explore resources on how to take your teaching expertise and research interests abroad with students.

Resources for Advisors

Study abroad opportunities can offer students a wide range of benefits, including developing global awareness, enriching academic learning, supporting the growth of leadership skills, advancing networking and career opportunities, improving second language skills, and enhancing personal growth. Advisors and faculty can utilize the following resources as tools to help students stay committed and aligned to their academic goals.