Student Guide

Welcome to your guide on studying abroad with GEO!

Study abroad is a unique experience that often leads students to personal growth and cultural immersion, and one that can help develop academic and professional skills. We hope that your upcoming program will be enriching, challenging, and rewarding!

The information provided in this Student Guide is designed to help you prepare for a successful study abroad experience. Read through the different sections to find out how to find and select a program that fits your interests and goals; how to complete an application; where to find resources for scholarships; how to prepare for the logistical details and for the cultural challenges of living abroad; among many other resources. If you have any questions about the Student Guide or about your specific program, feel free to contact your GEO Advisor. Each program page on our website identifies the GEO Advisor assigned to a given program.

GEO looks forward to working with you as you decide to pursue a unique international experience as part of your education.