Excessive drinking can be disruptive to your program and have a negative impact on your experience and those around you. Disruptive behavior due to alcohol use is a violation of the UO Conduct Code. Infractions of the code will be taken seriously and behavioral incidents involving alcohol may warrant removal from a program.

If you do choose to drink while abroad, drink responsibly. Here are some tips on drinking responsibly:

  • Eat before you drink and always consume alcohol with food.
  • Be aware of how strong your drink is and how much alcohol is poured in every glass; drinks can be much stronger in some countries than what you are used to in the U.S.
  • Pace your drinking; consider alternating an alcoholic drink with a non-alcoholic drink or water, and try to keep consumption to one drink per hour.
  • Know your limits.  

Be aware that alcohol consumption is a factor in many of the injuries, assaults and thefts that might be experienced by students on study abroad programs. Drinking excessively impairs judgement and can lead to circumstances that could ruin your study abroad experience.

To increase your personal safety when going out:

  • Do not drink alone or walk on the street alone at night after drinking.
  • When going out with friends, make sure you leave with everyone you came with and don’t insist on staying behind or leave someone alone when you leave.
  • Do not accept drinks from someone you don’t know and always keep an eye on your drink; drink spiking is very common in some areas frequented by foreign college students.
  • Do not drink home distilled alcohol or cheap alcohol in unmarked or opened bottles sold in markets. These drinks can be the source of potentially deadly methanol alcohol.
  • Follow your best judgment, but remember that you are in an unfamiliar environment and the culture about alcohol consumption in other countries may be very different than what you are familiar with in the U.S.

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