Billing procedures for GEO study abroad programs vary by program type and home institution. You can find additional details in your online application, or you can contact your GEO Advisor if you have any questions.

Budgets for programs are available as pdfs on the individual program pages on the GEO website. There are two main types of fees charged by GEO for participation in GEO programs: a program deposit and the program fee. UO students pay an additional study abroad fee per term to remained registered as a student while they are abroad.  


  • For most GEO programs, students submit a $500 non-refundable program deposit to confirm participation in a program. Some programs may require an additional housing deposit. Non-UO students should check with their home university or their GEO Advisor regarding deposit payments.
  • The deposit is part of the overall program fee and goes toward the final cost.
  • UO students applying to provider programs (CIEE, IE3, SIT, Wildlands, etc.) pay a deposit to the program provider and not to GEO.

Program Fee

  • The GEO program fee typically includes items such as: tuition, excursions, housing, some meals, on-site staff support, and travel and sickness insurance. This can vary from program to program. You should review the budget for your specific program to see what is included in the program fee for your program.       
  • UO students: the GEO program fee and UO Study Abroad Fee will be billed to your UO Student account on Duckweb. The charges will show up on your student account usually 4-6 weeks before the due date.
  • Students participating in a program that spans more than one term/semester will have their fees divided among the terms they are abroad.
  • Spring semester (winter/spring) students are billed half in winter and half in spring.
  • Academic year (fall/winter/spring) students are billed a third of the cost in fall, winter, and spring respectively.
  • Non-UO students: In most cases will receive an invoice with the program fee. However, you should check with your home university or your GEO Advisor regarding program fee payments and deadlines.

UO Study Abroad Fee

  • UO Students also pay a UO Study Abroad Fee in order to remain registered as UO students while they are abroad. Being registered allows UO students to have access to financial aid and scholarships and to have study abroad courses included in their official UO transcript.
  • For GEO programs, UO students pay a $500 Study Abroad Fee per term. For provider programs (CIEE, SIT, DIS, IE3, Wildlands), UO students pay a $1000 Study Abroad fee per term.

Payment Deadlines
October 1 for Fall programs
January 1 for Winter Quarter or Spring Semester programs
April 1 for Spring Quarter programs
July 1 for Summer programs