Get Involved
A big part of readjusting is being able to tell your personal story. You can get involved with international outreach activities by listening to guest speakers, attending international campus events, and reaching out to relevant student groups and campus offices. Volunteering at your study abroad office can also help you affirm the importance of your overseas experiences while helping students learn about opportunities abroad. You are the perfect person to be an advocate for study abroad during info sessions, class presentations, tabling events, and pre-departure orientations. You may also volunteer to be a host for international students on campus or perhaps serve as a tutor or conversation partner for international students during their first term or semester at your university.

Career Planning
After completing a significant activity like study abroad, you may start thinking about your next step, as well as how your international experience could influence your path forward. It is important to develop goals that allow you to make progress. It is common for students to feel as if they have gone 10 steps forward during their experience abroad, and now are going backward once they return to college. Continue to challenge yourself in order to ensure a fulfilling future. Do not let your new perceptions block the continuous learning process.

There are many ways in which you can use your cross-cultural skills and your language proficiency. Take advantage of the full range of services offered by your school’s Career Center. Look into international companies that have subsidiary offices located abroad. You may also inquire about long-term or short-term work abroad opportunities through the Career Center. If you participated in a global internship, make sure to keep in contact with the employer and internship organization. They may be useful networking sources. If you are adamant about going abroad once more, you may want to look into taking the TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) exam, which would open opportunities to teach abroad and learn about different cultures.

If you plan to go directly to graduate school after your undergraduate degree, there are many international programs available to you that may permit you to study abroad or conduct research as you are working towards your graduate degree. Pursuing fellowships and scholarships are other options that could give you that chance to go abroad once again.