Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance

GEO strongly encourages all students to purchase Cancel For Any Reason travel insurance in advance of their program departure date. While GEO will provide a full refund if a program is cancelled, there will be no refunds for flight cancellations, change fees or other personal costs outside of program and application fees. 

The travel coverage provided by GEO might reimburse some travel costs if a program is cancelled, but will not be able to provide coverage as comprehensive as that provided under a Cancel For Any Reason policy. The trip cancellation and delay coverage provided for GEO students through AXA Assistance includes trip cancellation up to $2,500 if the insured is unable to take their trip as a result of injury, sickness or death of a family member. Coverage provided by GEO will also provide up to $2,500 reimbursement for trip interruption due to death of a family member, unforeseen injury or sickness and ordered evacuation. A program fee refund is also possible due to injury or sickness and death of a family member.

Depending on the insurance package, Cancel For Any Reason insurance might include higher refund amounts than those provided by AXA Assistance, as well as being able to cancel for reasons outside of those listed by AXA Assistance noted above, including any reason why you may decide to withdraw from your program. Specific conditions and coverage vary from provider to provider.

GEO does not endorse any specific Cancel For Any Reason provider or insurance policies. The providers below are provided as examples of policies available, and you might find another company not listed here that can provide a policy better suited to your needs.

You are encouraged to thoroughly investigate and understand the conditions and standards of coverage before committing to a policy. In most cases, providers require that you purchase the CFAR as an add-on policy to one of their standard insurance packages. Even though you might retain this coverage for an additional fee, you are still required to keep the insurance provided by GEO.

Examples of insurance providers offering Cancel For Any Reason Insurance:

Travel Guard
Travel Insured International
Trawick International

Aside from Cancel For Any Reason insurance, the University of Oregon also partners with Grad Guard for insurance coverage of program fees, housing costs and other (non-travel) program costs. This coverage applies to study abroad programs and can be used to protect against early withdrawal from a program due to a covered medical reason such as illness, accident, or a mental health issue. You can learn more about this program on the University of Oregon website