When you arrive in your host country, locate the post office. Inquire about the kind of stamps you will need and the associated costs involved in order to send mail to the United States. International mail may be slow, so allow extra time for any mail you may send home.

Email Policy
GEO staff will only contact you with updates and other information using the email address listed in your online application.  

UO Students: You are required to use your “” address and will only be contacted with this address while you are abroad. If you have another preferred email address, it is your responsibility to set up forwarding from your email account.

Non-UO Students: Please review your GEO online application to confirm the email that you would like us to use.

GEO requires students to have a working cell phone with them for the duration of the program. As not all residence halls will have telephones and many host families restrict phone access, it is required that you have a cell phone to make calls and receive text messages. Please, read the Mobile Phone Policy section under Health and Safety for more information.